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Consulting on Printing Services

GESA assesses your current labelling process and studies the most appropriate and effective improvements for the entire labelling and identification process of your products.


Our technical and sales teams have extensive experience in the sector and can help you improve the labelling process of your company, from choosing the label and the most suitable material for your product to the selection of the best-suited tools for label design and printing and the subsequent management of data collection.


We select the best materials for the label of your products according to your needs and characteristics: paper materials, synthetic materials, materials for high temperatures, to attach to frozen products, for security, etc.


We find the best tool to design your label and manage its printing with our professional labelling software, where we can design and insert all kinds of data, i.e. texts, variables, barcodes, images, lots, links to DB, etc. to your labels.


Our technicians will advise you on the most used labelling standards to comply with the requirements on product identification, for example, standard GS1 on traceability of logistic units, chemical labelling GHS, nutrition or allergen labelling, among others.

ERP Integration

Generally, your ERP system already has the variable data needed in the labels, such as product information, lot numbers, shipping addresses, packaging lists, order numbers and much more. We elaborate strategies and use tools to make use of all this information and print it in the labels, in order to avoid duplicates and obtain a more efficient and safe label printing.

Process Automation

Thanks to our tailor-made tools and developments, we provide a global labelling automation in all processes of the company. GESA offers automated printing, approval at different levels, actual printing from Internet and a fully centralized data collection for traceability.

Data Collection

Once performed the identification and labelling of your products, we can improve the traceability, control and registration processes, gathering data from any source to any destination in the production processes.


GESA offers individual training sessions based on your application and product, specifically designed to address your needs and requirements.

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