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Label Applicators

We offer a wide range of state-of-the-art label applicators designed to support every industry. You can automate your labelling processes in an easy and efficient manner, printing and labelling in all kinds of products.


  • Standardized modules HERMES Q 2″, 4″ , 6″.
  • Up to 13 types of applicators and solutions.
  • Right-side or left-side label application.
  • 360º assembly position.
  • 205 mm or 305 mm label rolls.
  • High-precision applications.
  • I/O digital interface with 10 inputs and 11 outputs.
  • PLC monitoring and printing management.
  • Communication via USB, RS232, Ethernet, OPC UA.


Our label applicators offer up to 13 robust, compact and configurable solutions. We can precisely apply small labels in real-time, on the inner surface of profiles and tubes, cylinders such as cables, hoses, etc. We can apply labels with os without motion, in the front or the back of products, on online packages or use blow-on applications to avoid contact with delicate surfaces.

GESA offers high-quality and high-reliability solutions for the automatic labelling process, installing the best solutions in production lines to enhance the performance of labelling processes.


In the industry sectors, production and logistics environments are increasingly based on digital control systems. Machines need to exchange information in order to make more efficient and robust processes, autonomously processing pertinent manufacturing data. Our label applicators integrate the new and most advanced industrial standards for process communication, such as OPC UA communications.

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