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Woven Labels

We offer all kinds of woven labels, fully customizable with texts, composition, designs or brands.

About Woven Labels

  • High-definition woven labels with all sorts of texts or symbols.
  • We work with a wide variety of thread colours.
  • Labels woven on cotton and satin.
  • Presentation of single labels with woven edges or ultrasonic cut edges; folded edges option available; it can also be presented in a roll.
  • Woven size labels.


Wide Range of Thread Colours

We work with a wide variety of thread colours to be able to weave all sorts of designs and symbols.

Fabric Labels

Wide range of fabrics for reprinting, different compositions and finishes.
Cut to size, according to the client’s requirements

Tie-on Tags

All kinds of cardboard neutral labels or with a customized design and different finishes, so that labels can be reprinted and tied on to your garments with all the required information

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