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Adhesive polypropylene and polyethylene labels

We manufacture all kinds of polypropylene and polyethylene labels, with different finishes and adhesive options to meet all the requirements that our clients may need.

About Adhesive polypropylene and polyethylene labels

We manufacture all kinds of polypropylene and polyethylene labels and we also offer a wide range of adhesives to deliver the most suitable label for every sector.

Polypropylene and polyethylene are heavy-duty synthetic materials and, together with our resin ribbons (chemical resistance), the client obtains highly resistant and durable printed labels.

These materials are perfect for labels demanding long-term resistance in harsh environments, i.e., labels intended for outdoor spaces, resistant to chemical products, etc.

We have special adhesives, such as labels intended for busy floors, labels that need to withstand extreme temperatures such as freezing or outdoor conditions, labels that need to be placed in complex, rugged or uneven surfaces and require very high adherence, etc.


Toshiba B-EX4T1
Industrial Printer

New B-EX series, a premium range of industrial printers for a wide variety of applications and with a mid-range price tag.

· A high-end product with a low price.
· Superior performance and speed.
· Low power consumption.
· Ease of use and maintenance.
· Emulation capabilities.
· Fast return on investment, low total cost of ownership.
· Long-life print head.

GESA M-4/M-5 Rewinders

These rewinders are compatible with all the printers on the market.
The GESA M-4 and M-5 rewinders are devised for the most demanding industrial environments.
Their steel structure with a hardened microtextured bath makes them suitable for any industrial context.

· Include a Ø25, 76 mm x 110 mm adjustable shaft.
· Completely silent constant-pull engine.
· Electronic adjustable speed.
· Maximum speed 350 mm/s.

CAB HERMES Q Printer and Label Applicator

Especially designed for automatic printing and labelling in production lines; ideally suited for demanding industrial conditions.· Large graphic display.

· Navigation keyboard.
· Stable metal case.
· Application precision.
· Auto power-saving function.
· Different printing directions.

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