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Adhesive polyester and aluminium labels

We manufacture all kinds of labels with polyester and aluminium; neutral labels for reprinting or final product labels.

About Adhesive polyester and aluminium labels

We manufacture all kinds of polyester and aluminium labels and we provide different materials, finishes and adhesives to deliver the most suitable label in every case.

Polyester and aluminium are materials ideally suited for industrial contexts working with high temperatures, so these labels are ideally suited to be placed in hardware where temperature can rise, such as electronic equipments, appliances, machinery, wiring, engines, batteries, etc.

We manufacture neutral labels for reprinting as well as final labels for products and we offer a full-colour printing option, sequential numbering, etc.

We also have silver and white polyester VOID security labels, which are perfect to verify if the product has not been tampered with.


Production of Labels with Artificial Vision Check

We manufacture all kinds of labels with artificial vision for a total quality control in printing and information readability of the label.
This is a suitable solution for labels destined to subsequent automated packaging and labelling processes.
These labels are ideal to avoid posterior problems, such as production outages, loss of stock, etc.

Toshiba B-EX4T2 600DPI
Industrial Printer

Thanks to its high quality and low cost, printing solutions based on the Toshiba B-EX4T2 model offer a low total ownership cost.
It is available in 200/300 and 600 dpi variants, allowing for an adjustment to any need in the industrial sector, and offer a specialist high-resolution printing with superior quality.

IXOR Labelling Head

High-performance head especially designed for pre-printed labels on all types of products.
The LAN and WLAN interfaces enable the device to be connected to the superior control units.
MQTT ensures cross-platform while Modbus, OPC UA and Ethernet/IP are available on demand.

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