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Hand-held Terminals

Hand-held terminals are full independent computers that integrate all the necessary peripherals and interfaces needed for collecting, managing, and storing the data gathered via barcodes.


The mobile device integrates, in a small form factor, all the necessary components of a computer, such has a display, a Wi-Fi system, an operating system (Windows® or Android™), a keyboard (virtual or physical), a battery and a professional scan engine. In addition to these features, every Datalogic mobile device sports a rugged enclosure, able to withstand drop from various heights and to work in harsh situations.



This is the most advanced mobile terminal with the largest scan engine choice on the market. It is a fully rugged PDT that resists shocks and works in the harshest environments.


The Memor K is the latest member of the bestselling Memor family of PDA devices and it can be used in all environments and for any application.


The Memor 10 PDA offers the power and performance of a smartphone and a user-friendly experience with an integrated 2D imager.

Hand-held terminals help companies improve the efficiency and reliability of all their monitoring activities in all areas of the company. For this reason, GESA offers a wide range of products to meet all the requirements they need.


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