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Cab SQUIX with Applicators

The industrial range of SQUIX printers offer several accessories to apply labels in real-time, especially conceived for production lines.


The S1000 applicator is a solution for the semi-automated operation or the vertical orientation in production lines. Labels are applied to an item by a stroke cylinder.
In the S3200 applicator, printed labels are automatically placed. Printed labels are set 45º to 95º to the horizontal by a rotary cylinder and applied automatically to an item by a short stroke cylinder.
The S5104 and S5106 dispensers can label products in motion on a conveyor belt. The sensor product detects the target position of a label. While a label is dispensed, the next one is printed.


The SQUIX applicators are used in a wide range of applications. Due to this wide range of options, we can offer specific solutions for every client, whether semi-automated real-time application or on demand.


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