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RFID Solutions

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology offers data in real time and is used to facilitate most tracking operations while reducing human error.


We offer a wide range of ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID devices in multiple form factors and various technologies.

These RFID devices can enable users to track each item uniquely.

RFID tags can be read quickly and accurately from long ranges with hand-held devices to shorter ranges with fixed RFID reading devices.


Datalogic 2128P RFID Sled

The Datalogic 2128P reader boasts improved levels of accuracy and RFID read/write performance.

Zebra RFID FX9600 Reader

The FX9600 brings a new level of cost efficiency to passive UHF asset tracking and inventory management, without compromising performance.


We offer a wide range of RFID tags in several sizes, with memories from 46 bit to 128 bit and the most commonly used chips in the market.

In GESA, we advise companies individually, based on their needs, and we create a comprehensive RFID solution from the recording process, to reading and data management. RFID solutions do not only imply the recording of a label, but it entails the development and cohesion of a whole process, from recording to managing data.


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