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Labels Printed with Artificial Vision Check

We manufacture all kinds of labels with artificial vision for a total quality control in printing and information readability of the label.

About Labels Printed with Artificial Vision Check

We offer the option to manufacture labels with artificial vision for those labels requiring an exhaustive quality control.

  • Error detection in label printing. It detects any dot or mark that is not properly printed, with pinpoint accuracy.
  • It is ideal for labels that will be part of automated packaging and labelling processes, where production outages are very challenging.
  • Optimum control for labels that need to be numbered or with correlative information and where no label can be discarded subsequently.
  • It can be used for pre-printed labels or for final product labels.
  • These labels avoid subsequent issues, such as production outages, loss of stock, etc.


Labels for the Chemical Industry

We manufacture all kinds of labels for the chemical sector.
We offer a wide range of materials and adhesives for a maximum resistance to all environments, temperatures and chemical substances.
We manufacture all kinds of ADR and GHS labels to comply with the current labelling regulation for the chemical industry.

CAB SQUIX Printer with CC200-SQ Scanner

Accessory available for all CAB SQUIX printers.

It is a 2D and lineal barcode scanner.
A camera verifies the readability or the content of the barcodes printed horizontally or vertically right after they are printed. If the code is wrong, the printing process is stopped and the label is discarded.

The scanner can be used in manual cut mode and in dispenser mode.


We provide consultancy services with our specialists for projects in all sectors, in order to advice on how to improve labelling systems, custom software, readers, databases, implementation of RFID systems, etc.

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