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Cardboard Labels

We manufacture all kinds of cardboard roll and/or fanfold labels. These can be final product cardboard labels or for reprinting in a thermal transfer or inkjet printer.

About Cardboard Labels

We have at your disposal a wide range of cardboard materials, with different rigidities, thicknesses and finishes.

We manufacture cardboard labels to size according to the client’s needs. We have neutral labels, pre-printed labels for reprinting in thermal transfer or inkjet printers or fully customized and finished labels.

These labels can be mounted on rolls or fanfolded and they can have perforations between labels, punched-out hole, notches, register marks or any other specific need that the client may have.

  • Tie-on labels for clothes.
  • Tickets for museums, cinemas or theatres.
  • Transport tickets and cards.
  • Tickets for sports stadiums.
  • Tickets for leisure centres, amusement parks, zoos.
  • Access control, car parks, etc.


Tie-on Labels

We offer all kinds of neutral labels or custom-made labels with different finishes to reprint and tie to your garments with all the information required.

Rotary Trimmer

For Toshiba B-EX4T1 and B-EX6T1 printers

The rotary cutter allows cutting and printing at the same time without affecting the printing speed.
It is robust and its service life is longer than the other cutters.
It is perfect for cutting rigid or very thick materials.

New Label Stacker


New stacker for textile, cardboard or adhesive labels.
It is very practical and easy to use.

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