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Special Labels for the Gardening Sector: Stick-In and Loop Lock Tags

We offer a wide range of stick-in and loop-lock tags in different sizes, colours and finishes.

We manufacture them to size or customized.

About Special Labels for the Gardening Sector: Stick-In and Loop Lock Tags

  • Stick-in tags are made using rigid material, are outdoor-proof and are pointed at one end so that they can be easily stuck into plant pots, gardens, etc.
  • Wide range of finishes and colours. They can include detachable stamps to be sold in garden centres.
  • Loop lock tags are made using outdoor-proof materials, are used to identify trees, plants, etc. and are fully customizable.
  • We offer a wide range of thermal transfer printers to print this type of tags quickly and easily.


Adhesive Roll Labels

We offer all kinds of roll labels to print data, barcodes, etc. in different outdoor-proof materials for the marking and tagging of products, plant pots or boxes.

Range of Toshiba Industrial Printers

We offer industrial printers with a durable and rugged design for the most demanding industrial environments. They are designed to offer a high performance and a high printing speed.

EPSON Printers for Colour Labels

With the range of Epson inkjet printers for labelling, you will be able to print the amounts needed of full-colour labels at once using your own designs.

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