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Labels for the textile and clothing sector

We manufacture all kinds of labels for your garments, fabric rolls for reprints and ribbons, engineered to withstand industrial washing.

TYPES OF Labels for the textile and clothing sector

Fabric Labels

Thermo-Adhesive Fabric Labels

Woven Labels

Tie-on Labels

About Labels for the textile and clothing sector

We offer all kinds of solutions for the textile sector:

  • Wide range of fabrics and ribbons for composition label reprinting.
  • Brand or size woven labels.
  • Adhesive labels for size, price tags, branding labels, labels for storage and shipments.
  • Tie-on cardboard labels to identify the brand or the price.
  • Wide range of thermal transfer printers for printing all kinds of labels for the sector.
  • Range of inkjet printers to print full-colour labels.
  • IT options for all solutions: links to databases, washing symbols, barcodes, etc.


Range of Inkjet Fabrics for Colour Composition Labels

We offer several fabric and finish options for reprinting full-colour composition and brand labels with inkjet printers.

New Label Stacker


New stacker for textile, cardboard or adhesive labels.
Very practical and easy to use.

Double-Sided Fabric Printer


We have a special printer model for double-sided printing in textile materials

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