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Stationary Industrial Scanners

Stationary industrial scanning solutions are specifically designed for applications that are not permanently monitored by operators and are used in a wide variety of industries.


Stationary position scanners offer various options for how output data can be used and interface with your business PCs, servers, or ERP, in virtually any fieldbus protocol, providing real value on how your organization uses this business intelligence data. With the versatile portfolio of stationary industrial scanners we offer, customers can get a solution for a full array of barcode reading needs.



The Matrix 410N is an industrial 2D imager for traceability applications in material handling and logistic environments and it is equipped with a ultra-fast image sensor that scans at 2.0 MPixels.


The amazingly versatile Matrix 320 is an imager/barcode reader with an unparalleled field of view. Especially suited for traceability applications in logistics, intralogistics and production facilities. 


Matrix 120 ™ is an ultra-compact industrial 2D imager that fits into any space. Several variants of the Matrix 120 cover a wide range of OEM and manufacturing applications.

Whether your organization is looking to add stationary barcode reading to your conveyor system, integrate barcode reading capabilities to your machine, or automate your distribution model, stationary industrial scanning offers a solution for a wide range of applications


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