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Adhesive Traceability Labels

We manufacture all kinds of labels for an optimum product identification and traceability.
We offer labels that are suitable for the compliance with the current regulations of the food and beverage industry.

About Adhesive Traceability Labels

We manufacture all kinds of labels: neutral, pre-printed or for final products, with all sorts of images, texts, codes and variables for:

  • Labelling boxes and trays.
  • Labelling nutritional information, regulatory compliance.
  • Labelling allergen information, regulatory compliance.
  • Labelling pallets.
  • Labelling products with compulsory traceability: preservation, EAN, variety, net weight, packing date, expiration date, batch, reference, origin, health registration, etc.
  • Beverages and cellars: product identification, bottle serialization, authenticity verification, traceability, etc.
  • Product identification, varying weight.
  • Export, specific mandatory labelling for the country of destination.

We offer all solutions to comply with the current labelling regulations for food products.


Toshiba B-EX6T1/T3 Printer

Printer range suitable for traceability labels.

These printers combine market-leading technology with ease of use, reliability and lower total cost of ownership.

Print width of up to 160 mm.
Print speed of up to 305 mm/s.
The 200 and 300 dpi options offer a premium printing quality and a perfect readability for barcodes and small print.

CAB HERMES Q Printer and Label Applicator

It is especially designed for automatic printing and labelling in production lines.

  • Large graphic display.
  • Navigation keyboard.
  • Stable metal case.
  • Application precision.
  • Auto power-saving function.
  • Different printing directions.

Ideally suited for demanding industrial conditions.

CODESOFT Print and Design Software

Software intended to design labels and manage the printing process.
It is suitable for traceability labels; uses texts, barcodes, images and all connections to your databases to automatically generate labels.
It offers unrivalled flexibility and efficiency, which makes it the best choice for label printing in any sector.

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