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Licences and Software Update

Management, update and maintenance of software products.


In order to activate your software license online, you must have purchased a license for your product online. Follow the following procedure for its activation.

  1. Open the TEKLYNX software.
  2. Select Activate.
  3. Write the serial number and password supplied and click Next.
  4. Write your company information and click en Next.
  5. Click Finish and the software will start automatically.

Note: If you are replacing an existing license or if you need to transfer your license to another computer, you MUST deactivate the existing license before installing the new software.


The options and the cost of the update depend on the license chosen by the company.
UPDATE OPTION With an active subscription license, you can update your software to the most recent version without any added costs. While your SMA is valid, updating your software to the most recent version will not have any added costs. Version updates have the full price of a new license.


With a valid SMA you can purchase, without any added costs, new versions of your software. What is a SMA? A SMA is a cost-effective option to always keep your versions up-to-date, without having to keep an eye on if your version is discontinued.

 1) By purchasing one of the following products: CODESOFT, LABELVIEW, LABEL MATRIX, PRINT MODULE or SENTINEL, a one-year SMA is included, that is, you will have full availability to use the latest version for free (without updating costs) within the SMA period included with the software purchase.

2) Once the SMA period supplied with your software is finished, you will have to renew (optional) your SMA agreement every year, so that you can always have the latest version of the software, and install it whenever you decide.

Software update

If you wish to contract a technical support contract for your software, please consult technical support plans.

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