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RFID Printers

We have various printer models for labels with RFID recording modules in order to obtain an enhanced efficiency and perform optimal inventory controls.


We offer several printer models for printing and coding RFID labels.

We give you the opportunity to purchase the complete service so that, once the labels are printed and/or coded, they can be read by means of a recording software (Codesoft) and reading devices once they have been recorded (RFID solutions).

Main advantages of RFID applications:

  • Readout of hundreds of labels in a matter of seconds.
  • Easy traceability and tracking of products.
  • Precise information.
  • Time saving due to an enhanced efficiency.
  • Avoids stockout.


Toshiba Series B-EX Printers

RFID accessory for Toshiba EX4 industrial printers.

The recording kit RFID UHF Gen 2 for printers B-EX4T1 and B-EX4T2 is available.

Toshiba Series BA400 Printers

Accessory for the Toshiba Series BA400 semi-industrial printers.

Recording kit RFID UHF Gen 2.

Cab SQUIX Printers

RFID accessory for CAB SQUIX UHF industrial printers.

Available in 3 options: Standard, On-metal and High Sensitivity.

These printers are designed to print labels with RFID chip. They include an exclusive system that ensures protection to avoid damaging the RFID chip. Also, its recording is verified to reduce costs and increase reliability in any application.
These printers can generate fault-free RFID labels and tags at a high production speed.
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