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Labelling Finishes

We manufacture labels with all kinds of finishes to give your labels a top-quality appearance to identify and distinguish your products.

About Labelling Finishes

We offer all kinds of finishes to provide your labels with the best quality.

  • Visually, with screen printing, we can add volume and high-quality finishes. There are different colour options and inks are highly durable. We offer a Braille option.
  • Widely used among our clients in the food and beverage industry, perfume and cosmetics industry, etc.
  • With stamping, we will be able to perform top-quality finishes in various colours, anagrams, specific texts to be highlighted, both in glossy or matte finish.
    Widely used among our clients in the wine industry, the cosmetics industry, etc.
  • All types of laminations to offer better finishes to your labels and protect them. There are options both in glossy or matte finish.
    The Soft Touch lamination must be noted, as it offers a velvety finish to labels.

We make all types of customized embossing to highlight in thickness what needs to be differentiated, such as anagrams, etc.


Customized Adhesive Labels

We offer the widest range of materials and adhesives to manufacture all kinds of labels.

According to the needs of the client, we manufacture labels in different sizes, shapes, with perforations, partially-detachable labels, and any specific finish needed.

Epson Printers for Colour Labels

You can now print the amount needed of full-colour labels at once using your own designs.
Cost-effective and durable colour labels for a wide range of applications.

CAB Label Dispensers

Easy handling device that offers a precise and easy-to-use label dispensing.
With HS and VS dispensers, every label size can be easily dispensed.
You can use any outside shape, whether cornered or round. Transparent material can also be dispensed.

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