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Thermo-Adhesive Fabric Labels

We offer several thermo-adhesive fabrics so that you can tag your garments in an easy and autonomous manner, by printing just the amount you need.

About Thermo-Adhesive Fabric Labels

  • Durable and fully customizable labels.
  • Tag and identify all sorts of garments in an easy and quick manner.
  • Marking for work wear, uniforms for hospitals, nursing homes, sports teams, restaurants, security, industry, etc.
  • Thermo-adhesive labels for home textiles, such as mattresses, pillows, table linen, carpets, etc.
  • We offer inkjet thermo-adhesive labels that can be customized and full-colour with all sorts of images and logos.


Inkjet Adhesive and Thermo-Adhesive Labels

You can customize full-colour labels with all sorts of images and 100% resistance.
Pigment inks for durable labels

Toshiba B-FV4 Desktop Printer

Designed to be compact, stylish and unobtrusive, yet powerful and flexible for any environment and application.

Industrial Sector

Our fabrics are especially formulated to work on industrial settings, offering the maximum resistance to all washing processes.

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