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Adhesive Inkjet Labels in Glossy and Matte Paper

We manufacture all kinds of inkjet labels in paper, with different finishes and adhesive options to meet all the requirements that our clients may need.

About Adhesive Inkjet Labels in Glossy and Matte Paper

We manufacture all kinds of inkjet labels in matte paper and glossy paper with different qualities and finishes and with all kinds of adhesives to adjust every label to every product or sector.

We also have the complete range of Epson standard inkjet labels in different finishes, sizes and formats.

Inkjet matte paper labels.

  • White bright and smooth matte surface that ensures that printings are dried quickly and offer a result which is resistant to scratches, liquids and heat.
  • Photographic-quality printing, ideal for consumer goods boxes, barcode labels, pharma labels, etc.

Inkjet glossy paper labels.

  • Microporous absorbent surface for photographic-quality printing, perfect for products and packaging.
  • High resistance to damages derived from liquids, dirt and heat.


CAB Label Dispensers

Easy handling device that offers a precise and easy-to-use label dispensing.
With HS and VS dispensers, every label size can be easily dispensed.
You can use any outside shape, whether cornered or round. Transparent material can also be dispensed

Epson C3500 Inkjet Colour Label Printer

It is the most flexible printer of the ColorWorks range.
It is user-friendly, takes up little space in your desktop and it prints any type of label, such as tickets, identification tags, or high-resistance synthetic labels.
Includes an automatic cutter.

Epson C6000/C6500 Colour Label Printer

With the Epson Inkjet printers for labelling, you can print the amounts needed of full-colour labels at once using your own designs.
The C6500 offers print widths of up to 8 inches and includes a cutter.

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